The payback period for replacing a standard orifice plate with the A+ Balanced Flow Meter plate is highly motivating.  For typical sizes of 2 inches and more, based on total cost, the payback is no more than six (6) weeks.  For incremental replacement costs, the payback is less than one week.  With liquids, accuracy is more important than pumping costs.  With gases, compression costs are comparable with accuracy costs.  Energy cost savings alone make the A+ FlowTek’s Balanced Flow Meter preferable to the current orifice meter design.  The estimated total accuracy and energy cost savings for gasses and liquids in many applications are shown below.

A+ FlowTek Balanced Flow Meter Savings 
as Compared to an Orifice Meter

The cost benefits may vary dependent on the particular application.  However, for any application, the A+ Balanced flow meter will provide superior performance over a standard orifice plate for accuracy, repeatability, rangeability, control-stability, quality, energy savings, and other improvements


The A+ Balanced Flow Meter is competitively priced to the cost of standard orifice plates.  Simply replace your current orifice plate with the A+ Balanced Flow Meter plate during normal maintenance cycles and start saving money through accuracy and energy cost improvements, while using all existing equipment.  The A+ Balanced Flow Meter plate dimensions and fittings are the same as your existing orifice and the sensor differential pressure curves are equivalent.  Additionally, your flow calculations will not need to be changed.

A+ FlowTek Balanced & Orifice Meters 
Total & Tap Pressure Drops

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