Current orifice meter technology is known to generate a large permanent loss of pressure.  The pressure potential is consumed by the eddy turbulence.  Accuracy lost is due to linearity and repeatability issues that are a direct result of the random and chaotic eddy turbulence formations.



Standard Orifice Generates Random Eddy Turbulence


A+ FlowTek minimizes eddy's and provides higher accuracy over current orifice plate technology.  With features worthy of a NASA patent, the A+ FlowTek’s Balanced Flow Meter has a 34% accuracy improvement and minimizes energy (pressure) loss by 50%.  Accurate measurements are critical to improve plant operational efficiency.  The difference between an accurate and an inaccurate flow reading can mean a significant cost savings.  Additionally, lower pressure loss conserves energy and saves money.



A+ FlowTek Balanced Flow Meter - A Cost Effective Solution


Testing and measurement were conducted by NASA personnel and technology validated through Texas A&M University - Kingsville.  The A+ FlowTek Balanced Flow Meter provides balanced kinetic energy and momentum across the fluid flow region.  The A+ FlowTek technology significantly reduces turbulent shear, fluid flow stresses and associated eddy formations.

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