Recent NASA testing has successfully applied the Balanced Flow Meter without any straight run diameter requirements, either upstream or downstream.  Elbows, tees, flanges, equipment, etc., can be connected directly to the Balanced Flow Meter with very successful results in all applications.

For severe applications in pumps, compressors, valves, etc., the impeller or valve seats are directly next to the plate.   

The effects of fouling are minimum.  Fouling with dense phase materials did not show an appreciable effect on performance.  The fouling material passed directly through the plate without any build-up.  

The flow range for this testing was from 5 percent of rated flow to over sonic flow conditions.  Beta factors used in this NASA testing range from 0.25 to over 0.9 with various hole/area layout configurations.  For all testing results, the Balanced Flow Meter out performed the standard orifice plate design in terms of accuracy, repeatability, noise and pressure recovery.  The equations to be used with the Balanced Flow Meter plate are the standard venturi or orifice flow equations. 

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